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What Members Are Saying:
Why did you Join the Club?
"To Figure Out How to Feel Better with IBS"

"Support for living with IBS/IBD and following the low FODMAP diet."

" IBS-D - how to live with this condition."

"To get help starting the low FODMAP diet."

What was your Biggest Struggle?
"Understanding triggers and modifying recipes"

"What to eat before important events."

"Symptom control!"

"Step by step process to elimination and reintroduction of foods."

How has the Club Helped?
"I want you to know how helpful your community has been while trying to "figure out" this diet. It is exactly what I needed."

"I don't search everywhere anymore for info. I stick to the club. I also learned about SIBO which I got the test for and am now treating"

"Ideas and moral support. I like the feeling of being part of a community instead of feeling isolated and alone on this diet"

"It's given me the tools I've needed to master this diet."

"The club helped me a lot! Worth it! It is possible to find everything in just one place!"

It's a great place for all who need to improve IBS symptoms."

"Now I'm entering the week 4 of a complete low FODMAP diet and I'm seeing the good results every day."

"I am much more knowledgeable about ways to control IBS and it helps knowing there is support."

"Given me access to evidence based information and resources in a one stop shop"

"I was able to implement the diet and get some symptom control. Having help with challenge/reintroduction has been great, and having a reliable set of resources in once place is a big time-saver."

"It has provided me with oodles of delicious recipes to prepare that non Low-FODMAPPERS enjoy too. It has given me the knowledge of how to challenge the FODMAP groups to move on past the strict diet." 

"It has given me support and confidence in how to handle my IBS."

Classes with Strategies & Evidence-Based Information
Plus, 100+ good-for-your-gut recipes, office hours with a dietitian, and a supportive community of 200+ members
Client Stories:
Jennifer's Story

When Jennifer first came to me, she was having many episodes of diarrhea daily, along with bloating, gas and discomfort. She really was sick of dealing with this for several years and wanted to get back to enjoying her life with her husband and not being so concerned with these symptoms every day. It was all she could think about.

After 4 weeks of following the step-by step plan and implementing strategies taught in the Club, Jennifer went from experiencing diarrhea more than 10 times per day, to experiencing it only a few times a week. And her other bowel movements were solid. Her other symptoms of bloating, gas, discomfort had improved 50% and she was working on improving even further.

After just 8 weeks Jennifer experienced the freedom to put on a lovely red dress, leave her home and enjoy a night out with her husband. Having a step-by-step plan radically changed her life and the years of suffering and struggling were left behind her.
Audrey's Story

My client Audrey, was 23 years old and in her last year of University. When she started working with me she was experiencing diarrhea more than 5 times each day. She couldn't leave her house or go to class. She was avoiding her friends, exercise and any social activities... she was so upset that her IBS had stopped her from running. She loved running and wanted to get back to enjoying the things that were important to her life but didn't know how.

After working together for 8 weeks, implementing the strategies in the Beyond FODMAPs Insider's Club and following a step-by step, week by week plan Audrey was feeling much more like herself. 

She was back to going to classes on campus and feeling confident. She wasn't worried about where the closest bathroom was. She also started working out again at the gym and spending time away from her bedroom. Audrey felt happy and hopeful that she could maintain good control over her symptoms moving forward and I continued to support her on making this dream a reality.
From a Health Coach, All of this would cost you THOUSANDS...

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Join the BF Insider's Club Today
$21 for your first month

The Plan - A weekly, step-by-step guide to walk you through a tried and tested plan to relieve symptoms of IBS. No more being overwhelmed by complicated, confusing or conflicting recommendations.

Office Hours with a Registered Dietitian ($199/month Value) - No more waiting weeks to talk to your dietitian or health advisor. Our Expert Dietitians are available Monday to Friday to answer your questions and help you overcome the obstacles you encounter as you relieve symptoms and get better!

Good-for-your-Gut Recipes - 100+ healthy, digestive friendly recipes for the elimination or reintroduction phase of the Low FODMAP diet, lactose-free and gluten-free. New Recipes added each month!

Video Classes - A walk through of each strategy you need to follow in order to relieve symptoms along with checklists, worksheets and guides to make it SUPER clear and easy to follow. 

Guest Interviews - Expert interviews with dietitians and health professionals who are well-known experts in their field on topics like SIBO, Probiotics, Food Intolerance, Essential Oils and more!

A New Class Added Each Month - As you continue on you journey to better digestive health, you will need to continue to learn and support your body to stay well. New classes are developed on member needs.

A Library of Up-to-Date Resources - Every tool, worksheet, handout, guide and food list you need from an updated Low and High FODMAP food list to a Guide to Eating out to Probiotic Dosing Recommendations!

Community Forum - To connect, share your story, learn from others successes and struggles and be with people who actually get what you're going through.

Let me ask you a Question...

If ALL the Club did was:

Help you Relieve IBS symptoms like gas, bloating, pain, diarrhea and/or constipation

Teach you what to avoid and what to include to get better and stay well

Help you prevent flare-ups in the future

Get you Feeling Confident & Comfortable In Your Body

Help you minimize symptoms when eating out, traveling and being away from home

Allow you to feel supported by a credible, expert dietitian who's been through this herself

End the feeling of doing this alone & connect you with others that are going through this too

Would It Be Worth It?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES...

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