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The Figuring Out FODMAPs Program




Wouldn’t it be amazing if…

You could live your life, day-to-day, without worrying about what to eat, when embarrassing gas will hit you or where the closest washroom is?

It is Possible. I’ve done it.

And I’ve helped hundreds of other IBS sufferers take control of their lives and reduce IBS symptoms with this step-by-step 12 week program.

This program is RIGHT for you if:

        • You’ve done your research online and off and know the low FODMAP diet is the only evidence-based, effective diet that you can follow in a healthy way to overcome symptoms of IBS
        • After talking with your doctor and/or other trusted health experts, you have been recommended to follow the low FODMAP diet to heal from digestive health issues
        • You’re tired of complicated & contradicting information online, reading article after article, downloading food lists and trying to make changes on your own and are ready to be supported with a step-by-step system to implement change and improve symptoms of IBS
        • You’ve had enough of trying different supplements and cutting out foods you think might be leading to symptoms of IBS without seeing much improvement
        • You are ready to work with a FODMAP diet expert, previous IBS sufferer who knows what you’re going through, has helped hundreds of people improve their health and doesn’t just “Google” answers online

You’re in the Right Place

The Figuring Out FODMAPs program has been developed by Stephanie Clairmont, MHSc, RD who was diagnosed in 2007 with IBS. This program is delivered by a team of Digestive Health Dietitians (RDs) and a Digestive Health Therapist (MSW) providing you with tools, resources and insights used  to help hundreds of people since 2011 better manage IBS and significantly decrease symptoms like gas, bloating, abdominal discomfort, pain, diarrhea and or constipation.

Overcome IBS with Low FODMAP Foods

The Low FODMAP Diet has been shown in clinical research and in practice-based treatment at the Clairmont Digestive Clinic along with other strategies in this program, to significantly help those suffering with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) decrease symptoms like gas, bloating, discomfort, pain, diarrhea and/or constipation.

The Figuring Out FODMAPs Program  teaches you how to follow the Low FODMAP Diet in a healthy way, while including delicious meals for as little time as possible to get you results. This diet is meant to be followed for just 6 to 12 weeks, then you can start including all the foods you’ve eliminated back into your diet.

Using the Low FODMAP diet along with other digestive and lifestyle strategies that are included in this program will   help you get the most efficient results and increase your symptom improvement.

Over 80% of clients who have followed this program have experienced significant improvement in just 12 weeks.

Why the Low FODMAP Diet?

FODMAPs are poorly digested, short-chained sugars that can trigger digestive symptoms (like gas, bloating, discomfort, diarrhea and/or constipation) in those with IBS. The body tries to dilute these small molecules in the small intestine which often results in diarrhea for some. The FODMAP sugars then travel into the bowel where they ferment and create gas causing bloating, distension, flatulence, discomfort, pain and potentially constipation.

By eliminating high FODMAP foods and only including foods that are low in FODMAPs for 4 to 6 weeks, you can avoid this process in the body, reduce symptoms, heal the gut and better manage IBS.

Why work with a professional?

You can spend hours, days, weeks, even YEARS reading articles, trying strategies, eating low FODMAP recipes and only get mild improvement if none at all. There are loads of free resources, blogs and Instagram accounts talking all about FODMAPs… but change is hard. And the low FODMAP diet can be difficult to follow, confusing to add foods back in during “Re-Introduction”, and a real challenge to stick to for those 6 to 12 weeks!

A step-by-step plan created by a regulated health professional – a registered dietitian – who is a credible nutrition expert, and one with years of training and experience with digestive nutrition and the low FODMAP diet can get you  symptom-free in the quickest, least painful way with honest, up-to-date, tried & tested information, tools, resources and techniques.

IBS & Digestive Health is what we do

This program is offered by the team at the Clairmont Digestive Clinic; a remote practice offering services online and via telephone and Skype. Our team has been helping clients with IBS and other digestive health issues EXCLUSIVELY for more than 5 years.

If you want to be in the trusted hands of a credible, educated, and experienced health professional with years of experience coaching people to decrease symptoms of IBS… join the program today.

We would love to help.

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The Program

Follow the Plan to Decrease Symptoms

  • Week 1: Getting to Know Your Body

    This first week you will learn the basics of how your digestive system works and how things can get “out of whack”. You will learn how to incorporate mindfulness and body awareness into your day to day which will help you continue to improve symptoms in the weeks to come. You will also learn key strategies in keeping a food & symptom journal that will give you special insight into tracking patterns and helping you identify what is triggering your symptoms.

  • Week 2: The Low FODMAP Diet

    In the second week of the program you will learn the in’s and out’s of the low FODMAP diet and how to implement in your life. You’ll be advised on what foods to include and what to avoid.

  • Week 3: Living Low FODMAP

    In week 3, you’ll get help for avoiding high FODMAP foods with strategies for grocery shopping, label reading, snacking, and eating out.

  • Week 4: Additional Dietary Strategies

    Once you’ve implemented the low FODMAP diet, there are a few additional strategies that can help you improve digestive health. In this module, you’ll learn several techniques that can help you take symptom improvement from 50% to 99%. These strategies have been used with hundreds of past clients to help them really change how they feel and significantly reduce symptoms.

  • Week 5: Mind-Body Health & Exercise

    The mind-gut relationship is key to improving digestive health. Anxiety and stress play a huge role on how you experience symptoms. In this week, you’ll learn about this relationship and strategies to better cope and manage stress-induced symptoms. You’ll also get tips for bringing exercise back into your routine.

  • Week 6: Assess Your Symptoms

    This is the most important part of making any change.. Now that you’ve been following the low FODMAP diet, eating well for digestion and incorporating other strategies to help you eliminate digestive symptoms, you need to assess what’s working and modify the plan. This week, you’ll learn how to track patterns, overcome obstacles, identify triggers and change your plan to continue to reduce IBS symptoms.

  • Week 7-11: Challenge Phase

    Once you’ve experienced symptom improvement, usually more than 60% symptom improvement, it’s time to challenge each individual FODMAP category to test which FODMAPs do and do not trigger symptoms and at what dose. For the next 5 weeks, you’ll get videos and instructions on how to do this in systematic way to get clear on what you can eat moving forward.

  • Week 12: Re-Introduction

    Now that you’ve been able to identify which FODMAPs can be tolerated, you can start to expand your diet and add foods back in that you enjoy. This week, you’ll learn how to navigate food re-introduction to minimize symptoms and bring a variety of foods back into your life without causing symptoms.

What’s Included

Weekly videos

Weekly resources and worksheets

The IBS Master Plan eBook

Over 50 low FODMAP, gluten-free, lactose-free recipes

4 weeks of meal plans + shopping lists for each

Access to the online Facebook community to connect with others working to overcome IBS, share stories and successes

Lifetime Access to the program & all future updates


After exhausting ‘Dr. Google’ Internet research, which was overwhelming, I decided to find a Registered Dietitian to assess my diet. I was gluten free already but needed professional diet advice as I was still not feeling well and had lots of anxiety.

I really had no idea what to expect but needed someone to help me. After all the numerous tests and months of delay while I suffered with what was finally diagnosed to be IBS.

I have been thoroughly impressed with Stephanie’s use of facts, data and observation to support her approach to dealing with my IBS. We decided to follow the Low FODMAP approach to solving the riddles behind my IBS. After the first week I could tell the difference, fast forward to today, program complete (although still doing some ‘challenges’) I am happy to say I am 90% better.

J. David Fish

For over twenty years I have suffered with IBS. I have seen internists, GI’s, GI’s referred to me by GI’s; had more colonoscopies than anyone should have to endure and to no end. Finally, my GP suggested Stephanie Clairmont, a dietician who specialized in IBS.

After only three months, I am so much better.

No one else had been able to help me, but Stephanie did with compassion and understanding. Am I cured? Of course not, but I have made so many improvements that I feel I can live a relatively normal life – one that isn’t focused on where the nearest bathroom is. It is a lifestyle adjustment, but one that is well worth the effort and Stephanie is behind you the entire way with advice and support. I can’t thank her enough for everything she has done. She’s the best!

J. Wright




Is there a guarantee?

We can’t guarantee results, that wouldn’t be ethical, but we can promise to support you the best way we can.  If you aren’t happy with the program after 30 days, simply email our team and we will refund your payment in full. No questions asked.

I’ve already tried cutting things from my diet, will this program help?

Whether you’ve tried eliminating dairy, going gluten-free or following another diet to eliminate symptoms, you may be missing a piece of the puzzle! We work with so many people that have found some mild relief but are ready to feel a whole lot better.

We’ve seen most clients experience significant decrease in gas, bloating and other symptoms once a step-by-step system that takes mind, body and all digestive strategies into account. We provide you with many toolsa and advice in this program to help you feel as symptom-free as possible.

What if I’m already on the low FODMAP diet?

The Low FODMAP Diet can be confusing! There are so many different lists, not to mention conflicting nutrition advice, it can be difficult to navigate on your own.

That’s why this program will give you all the most up-to-date, relevant information to help you improve your digestive health, reduce symptoms of IBS and know exactly what next steps to take. Plus, you’ll get lifetime access to the program, which means all future updates!

You can feel confident that you are in the hands of experts, who know IBS first-hand, have worked with hundreds of people to help them decrease digestive symptoms and are ready to support you in your journey to find the relief you need.

Can I work directly with a Coach?

Absolutely! When you enrol in the Figuring Out FODMAPs program, you will have the option to upgrade to get a coaching package with a Registered Dietitian (RD) Coach who is an expert in FODMAPs, IBS and Digestive Nutrition.

The one-to-one coaching program includes individual meetings via telephone or Skype with your coach and email support to help you customize the program, sort out your unique health and lifestyle goals and help you look at food journals to identify triggers and track patters.

Once you enrol in the basic program, you will be given the opportunity to purchase the Coaching Package.

Is there a payment plan option?

Yes. The program has been developed for you and it’s important that paying for the program fits into your budget.

You can pay in one payment or in 3 payments spread out 4 weeks apart when you choose to invest in the program. And if you decide to upgrade to get one-to-one coaching with a registered dietitian, you can also choose to split this purchase into 3 payments as well.

Will my insurance cover this program?

Many health insurance companies and benefits plans cover the services of a Registered Dietitian (RD). The Figuring Out FODMAPs program has been developed and is delivered by dietitians. Please check with your insurance company to see what they will cover and let us know if you have any questions.

If you decide to upgrade the program with one-to-one coaching sessions with a lead Dietitian expert in FODMAPS, IBS and Digestive Nutrition, you will receive individual receipts for each of your appointments. These receipts include all the information needed for you to be reimbursed by your insurance company.